Quartz (SiO₄) silicon–oxygen tetrahedra, is a remarkable mineral characterized by its soft crystalline structure composed of silicon–oxygen tetrahedra. Structurally classified as a framework silicate mineral and compositionally as an oxide mineral, Quartz boasts unparalleled versatility and utility across various sectors.

As the most abundant and widely distributed mineral in Earth’s crust, Quartz holds paramount significance in numerous applications. From its fundamental role in glass production to its indispensable presence in abrasives, gemstones, and electronics, Quartz epitomizes resilience and adaptability. Our platform offers a curated selection of Quartz specimens meticulously sourced for international trade, ensuring the highest quality standards for our esteemed clientele. Explore the enduring allure and multifaceted allure of Quartz, a mineral that continues to shape industries and drive innovation worldwide.


Our Journey


Our Quartz Journey

Since 2023, our firm has specialized in facilitating quartz trade for our multinational clientele. However, since 2013, we have specialized in mineral commodities trade, operating across territories including North and South America, the European Union, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

At The Solomon Brokerage Firm, we proudly serve as the official mandate and authorized commercial representative of our partners. Our mission is to connect the world with Pakistan’s geological treasures. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we offer a distinguished selection of quartz and other stones and minerals directly from Pakistan’s natural reserves.

As a reputable brokerage firm, we prioritize clients seeking high-quality, high-volume, long-term operations. We are honored to maintain enduring business relationships built on trust, respect, and loyalty.


Our Offer


Our Offer

(SiO₂: 99.32% – 99.99% )

Product Origin: Pakistan

Incoterms: FOB, Karachi / CIF


Product Types

Gem Quartz

Derived from the quartz mineral family, Gem Quartz radiates its allure in a variety of stunning forms. This crystalline beauty showcases a hexagonal crystal system, often manifesting as prismatic or pyramidal crystals with remarkable clarity and brilliance. Characterized by its remarkable transparency and color variety, Gem Quartz captivates with hues ranging from icy whites to vibrant blues and deep purples.

Our Gem Quartz dazzles with its pristine clarity and exceptional brilliance. Renowned for its purity, it serves as a cornerstone in the world of gemstones, adorning jewelry pieces with timeless elegance and sophistication. Its versatility extends beyond adornment, finding applications in electronics, optics, and spiritual practices, where its inherent properties are revered for their healing and amplifying energies.

Milky Quartz

Our Milky Quartz emanates a soft, ethereal glow that sets it apart from its counterparts. With its hexagonal crystal system, this variety of quartz often forms in massive aggregates, showcasing a milky-white hue imbued with a gentle translucence. Its purity, ranging from 99.3% to 99.6%, renders it a coveted material for various industrial applications.

Our Milky Quartz shines with its exceptional purity and uniformity. Renowned for its clarity and consistency, it serves as a cornerstone in the manufacturing processes of glass, optical fibers, and ceramics. Its pristine composition ensures the production of high-quality materials, enabling the creation of flawless lenses, durable glassware, and resilient ceramics. With its versatility and reliability, Milky Quartz remains indispensable in industries demanding precision and excellence.

Milky Quartz Analysis:

  • Silica (SiO2): 99.32%%
  • Calcium Oxide (CaO): 0.07%
  • Iron (Fe2O3): 0.04%
  • Loss on Ignition: 0.11%

Watery Quartz

Our Watery Quartz shimmers with an ethereal allure, captivating beholders with its crystalline purity and iridescent beauty. Renowned for its exceptional clarity and pristine composition, this high-end crystal quartz boasts a remarkable purity of 99.99%, making it a coveted gemstone for the most discerning clientele and specialized applications.

With its hexagonal crystal system, Watery Quartz manifests in enchanting formations that evoke the fluidity and purity of water. Its translucent depths seem to hold secrets of the universe, reflecting light in a mesmerizing dance of color and clarity. Each specimen is a testament to the perfection of nature’s craftsmanship, embodying elegance and sophistication in its flawless composition.

Our Watery Quartz stands as a pinnacle of excellence in the realm of crystal quartz, meticulously crafted for very special applications. Whether enhancing the precision of scientific instruments, elevating the performance of cutting-edge technologies, or adorning the most exclusive jewelry pieces, its unparalleled purity and brilliance make it an indispensable asset. As a symbol of purity and perfection, Watery Quartz transcends mere materiality, imbuing its surroundings with a sense of harmony and transcendence.

Watery Quartz Analysis:

  • Silica (SiO2): 99.99%%
  • Iron (Fe2O3): 0.001%
  • Loss on Ignition: 0.10%


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