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Magnesite Ore

Magnesite Ore emerges as a fundamental component in various industrial processes. With its chemical composition primarily composed of magnesium carbonate (MgCO3),our magnesite offers quality ranging from 45% to 48% of Magnesium Oxide (MgO) content embodies versatility and utility, catering to diverse applications across industries.

Magnesite distinguishes itself with its purity and robustness, making it an indispensable resource in industrial applications. Renowned for its consistency and reliability, it serves as a cornerstone in metallurgical processes, refractory production, and environmental remediation. From steelmaking to agricultural fertilizers, its versatility knows no bounds, empowering industries with its transformative properties.


Our Journey


Our Magnesite Journey

Since 2023, our firm has specialized in facilitating magnesite trade for our multinational clientele. However, since 2013, we have specialized in mineral commodities trade, operating across territories including North and South America, the European Union, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

At The Solomon Brokerage Firm, we proudly serve as the official mandate and authorized commercial representative of our partners. Our mission is to connect the world with Pakistan’s geological treasures. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we offer a distinguished selection of magnesite and other stones and minerals directly from Pakistan’s natural reserves.

As a reputable brokerage firm, we prioritize clients seeking high-quality, high-volume, long-term operations. We are honored to maintain enduring business relationships built on trust, respect, and loyalty.


Our Offer


Our Offer

(Raw Magnesium Oxide (MgO): 45% to 48%)

Product Origin: Pakistan

Incoterms: FOB, Karachi / CIF

Specifications (Raw Magnesite Ore):

  • Magnesium Oxide (MgO): 48%
  • Calcium Oxide (CaO): 1.08%
  • Silica (SiO2): 0.22%
  • Alumina (Al2O3): 0.05%
  • Iron (Fe2O3): 0.13%
  • Loss on Ignition (LI): 50.11%


Processed Product Types

Caustic Calcined Magnesia

Derived from magnesite ore through a process of calcination, Caustic Calcined Magnesia (CCM) emerges as a versatile compound with a multitude of applications across industries. CCM refers to magnesium oxide (MgO) that has been calcined at a high temperature, often around 700-1000°C, to remove water and carbon dioxide, leaving behind a more reactive form of magnesium oxide. With its high purity and controlled physical characteristics, CCM serves as a cornerstone in various sectors, offering tailored solutions to meet diverse needs.

Crystallizing in a cubic crystal system, CCM presents a uniform appearance, characterized by its fine powder form and bright white color. Its pristine quality is a testament to our commitment to excellence, ensuring low impurity levels, minimal heavy metals, and trace elements. Each grade of CCM is meticulously crafted to cater to specific requirements, ranging from agricultural to pharmaceutical applications.

Our extensive range of CCM products caters to a wide spectrum of industries, including:

  1. Agricultural Applications: CCM enhances soil quality and promotes plant growth, offering essential nutrients to crops while adjusting soil pH levels.
  2. Hydrometallurgical Processes: CCM facilitates metal extraction and purification through its alkaline properties, ensuring efficiency and sustainability in mineral processing.
  3. Pulp and Paper: CCM acts as a bleaching agent and pH regulator in pulp and paper production, contributing to the production of high-quality paper products.
  4. Construction and Sorel Cement: CCM serves as a binder in construction materials, providing strength and durability to cement formulations, including Sorel cement.
  5. Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Industry: CCM is utilized in the production of pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals, where its purity and consistency are paramount for quality assurance.
  6. Environmental Applications: CCM aids in wastewater treatment and soil remediation, offering solutions for environmental sustainability and pollution control.
  7. Glass Industry: CCM serves as a fluxing agent in glass manufacturing, facilitating melting and improving the clarity and strength of glass products.
GRADE MgO> SiO2< CaO< Fe2O3 Al2O3< LI<
CCM96 96.05
CCM95 95.26 1.32 1.85 0.7 0.2
CCM90 92 2.53 2.28 0.72 0.2 2.27
CCM90 90.46 3.29 3.02 0.72 0.36 2.15
CCM85 85.35 5.75 3.06 0.75 0.33 4.76
CCM90 91.53 7.7 2.44 0.76 0.33 7.24


Dead Burned Magnesia

Derived from magnesite ore through a meticulous process of calcination at high temperatures, Dead Burned Magnesia (DBM) emerges as a cornerstone material in the production of basic refractory products. With its exceptional properties and controlled physical characteristics, DBM caters to a wide range of applications, offering unparalleled performance and reliability.

Characterized by its forsteritic CaO/SiO2 ratio, originating from the unique composition of the magnesite deposit, DBM exhibits remarkable qualities essential for refractory materials. High bulk densities, low porosity, and exceptional hydration resistance are hallmarks of our DBM products, ensuring optimal performance in shaping both shaped and unshaped refractories. From furnace linings to welding fluxes, DBM plays a pivotal role in facilitating heat management and structural integrity in high-temperature environments.

Moreover, the low iron content and precisely controlled physical properties of our DBM make it highly sought after in additional applications. Heating elements benefit from DBM’s heat-resistant properties, ensuring longevity and efficiency in various heating processes. In the leather tanning industry, DBM serves as a crucial ingredient in tanning agents, providing the necessary alkalinity for leather processing while maintaining stringent quality standards.

GRADE MgO> SiO2< CaO< Fe2O3 Al2O3< LI<
DBM90A 92.47 3.79 1.51 0.98 0.75 0.5
DBM90B 90.82 4.43 1.85 0.94 0.79 1.17
DBM90C 88.63 4.46 1.88 0.96 0.77 3.3
DBM95A 95.12 1.29 2.21 0.72 0.23 0.43
DBM95B 94.83 1.31 2.32 0.81 0.27 0.46
DBM97A 97.29 0.49 1.09 0.8 0.13 0.2
DBM97B 96.62 0.66 1.37 0.7 0.13 0.22
DBM96.5 96.53 0.79 1.4 0.8 0.15 0.34
DBM96A 96.15 1.08 1.43 0.82 0.14 0.38
DBM96B 95.89 1.12 1.47 0.85 0.15 0.52



Fused Magnesia

Crafted through the smelting of high-purity caustic calcined magnesia in electric arc furnaces at temperatures surpassing 3000℃, Fused Magnesia (FM) emerges as a pinnacle of excellence in refractory materials. Renowned for its unparalleled thermal and electrical insulating properties, FM stands as a testament to ingenuity and innovation, offering exceptional performance across a spectrum of high-temperature applications.

Characterized by its high density, purity, and expansive crystal structures, FM embodies superiority in refractory technology. Its large crystals and low iron content make it an ideal choice for the production of high-quality shaped and unshaped refractory products, catering to the stringent demands of steel, cement, and other metals industries. From MgO-C bricks to special castables, FM serves as the cornerstone of high-temperature applications, ensuring durability, efficiency, and longevity in critical manufacturing processes.

Our FM products find applications in various industries, including:

  1. High-Performance MgO-C Refractory Bricks for the Steel Industry: FM’s superior properties make it an essential component in the production of refractory bricks used in steelmaking processes, providing exceptional resistance to high temperatures and harsh environments.
  2. Fired Refractory Bricks for the Cement and Glass Industries: FM contributes to the manufacturing of refractory bricks used in cement and glass production, offering unmatched thermal insulation and durability to withstand extreme heat and chemical exposure.
  3. Heating Elements Industry: FM serves as a crucial material in the heating elements industry, where its high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties ensure the efficient and reliable operation of heating elements in various applications.


GRADE MgO> SiO2< CaO< Fe2O3 Al2O3< LI<
FM98 97.5 0.64             1 0.55 0.19 0.12
FM97 96.9 0.85 1.09 0.84 0.13 0.19
FM96 95.6 1.55 1.6 0.85 0.15 0.25


GRADE MgO> SiO2< CaO< Fe2O3 Al2O3< LI<
WHITE 97.34 0.79 1.09 0.56 0.13 0.09
YELLOW 97.55 0.64 1.01 0.6 0.1 0.1


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