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The Solomon Brokerage Firm is proud to present an unparalleled opportunity for professionals engaged in international business: our comprehensive webinar series, "Mastering Trade with Estonia & Eastern Europe: Expert Series on Import & Export Operations and Regulations." Led by our esteemed CEO, Alejandro De La Parra Solomon, this series is carefully crafted to empower Import and Export Managers, Trade Operations Executives, and global business professionals with the knowledge and skills essential for navigating the intricacies of trade within the Eastern European region and, in particular, with Estonia.


In a world shaped by the ever-evolving dynamics of the global commodities market, a landmark partnership has emerged, promising to redefine industry standards and drive positive impact across the mining sector. The Solomon Brokerage Firm, a prominent player in the Estonian trading sphere, has sealed a strategic alliance with Escorpión 10 SA de CV, a distinguished Mexican mining entity. This collaboration, formalized in the fourth quarter of 2023, marks a climactic moment in the trajectory of the iron ore supply chain, leveraging collective expertise and resources to deliver unparalleled value to stakeholders.